Over the Last two weeks I have come across 3 CD's by a Music artist with an extraordinary ear for production and composition. His name is Jack Urban. As it turns out Jack is not only a fine producer and composer but just happens to be a guy I went to school with in the early seventies. I have not had contact with Jack since 1973, and to come across him and his works 30 some years later is wonderful. My following review is not in anyway Biased by our former relation which actually included several years in a Rock band called "Summit" around the Chicago Area. Jack as of this writing has 3 CD's: 1-"Wellsprings", a collaboration of Jack Urban on Piano and Glauber Ribeiro playing Flute. This first CD is a live, easy instrumentation done without artificial effects. "Wellsprings" is a Raw inspirational driven CD that highlights both the talent of each instrument and the composition.

"Manna" Jack Urbans first solo release, is a solid winner. "Manna" is a blend of
Strings, Harps, and melodic reeds embroidered into a backdrop of ambient beauty. Eight tracks of wonderful music including, "Count the Stars" and "Living Water" form to make a inspirational journey through the deeps of your faith and mind.

As Jack himself states, "
The music of Manna endeavors to be the kind of music that resonates in an intimate heart. It is music that feeds the soul and lifts the body beyond our everyday self."
"Butterflies In Snow", My personal favorite. Is Jack Urbans latest CD. It begins with a lively cut "Coconuts" and finishes with the Title track. This CD is a wonderful journey that takes you from images of snow white sand and turquoise waters of Malaysia, to Paradoxial Beauty and the wondrous circle of the created creator.

All of these CD's along with sound clips, contact info, and ordering for reasonable prices can be had at www.cdbaby.com: "just enter "jack urban" in the search box"

If easy listening Instrumental music, done with a contemporary flare is for you. I promise you will not be disappointed.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Scott Rabun said...

I know this Jack Urban guy too. Went to school with him in the early seventies as well (lived right next door to him!). What an inspirational fellow and good friend. When is he going on tour?

At 8:34 AM, Blogger Bob W. said...


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Glauber Ribeiro said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Jack is a personal friend and one of the best musicians i've had the pleasure to work with.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger glauber said...

Hello, Bob,

did Jack send you the new CD? Wellsprings #2: Joyful! is now available through CD Baby, Amazon, "and all places where great music is sold", hehe! Let me know if you haven't received your copy yet, and i'll get you one (sorry, free copy for Bob only).


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